COVID Protocols

- We are incorporating all Government of Alberta guidance into our operations to keep our staff and students safe (link to GoA guidlines below)

- Modified drop off/pick up protocol to align with physical distancing.

- Small Class sizes (6 children max per class @ Callaghan; 12 children max per class @ Chappelle and Ambleside)

Strict say-at-home protocols for those who are feeling unwell

- encouraging physical distancing where possible and creating cohorts

- All staff required to wear masks (As one of the first lessons, we do teach the children about why staff are wearing masks).

- Masks are encouraged but not required for students who are developmentally, physically, and psychologically ready
(At this age, it may not be feasible for children to wear a mask, so it is up to the discretion of Parents)
(Masks are mandatory for Grades 4-12 but optional for K-3 in schools across Alberta).

- Health questionnaire and screening to be completed for each child at drop off.  This can be completed prior to drop off as forms will made available to speed up the drop off process. (link to questionnaire below)

- Children undergo contactless temperature check at drop off prior to entering the building.

- Staff are also required to fill out the questionnaire and check their temperature prior to beginning their shift each day.  

- Hand washing upon children entering and exiting the facility and as needed throughout the day

- Enhanced cleaning and sanitization throughout the day

- Individual packages for each child that contain games and activities. Most child care centre's have toys, activities, games, and materials that are shared among the children. We have actually created individual packages for each student to limit the number of 'shared' touch surfaces.  

- Each child will also have their own dedicated pencil box for their own supplies (things like crayons, pencils, erasers, scissors).

- Modified games/activities that are more appropriate under conditions with the risk of Covid transmission.


Back to School time! This is the most crayons we have ever had at the centre!

New COVID protocols in place: Each student will be receiving their very own pencil box full of supplies including crayons, scissors, glue sticks, erasers and more!

We will NOT be compromising the integrity of our program as we have creative solutions in place to implement our curriculum safely :)