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Research shows that children who received a year of quality pre-kindergarten did better in reading and math than kids who spent the year in daycare, with relatives, or in some other kind of preschool.

Childhood experts agree: 

Attending a high-quality program prepares children for kindergarten and beyond, but finding the best option for your child takes time and research.


The Jumpstart Advantage

See what other Parents have to say.  Our results speaker louder than words!

Reading and writing are foundational skills that are learned in the first few years of schooling.  These skills are prerequisites across all core subject areas.  Research shows that children are at an increased risk of falling behind if these essential skills are not quickly adopted in the first few years of schooling.  Ensure your child is always ahead of the curve by giving them a JumpStart!

We take a 'Play with Purpose' based approach.  Our programs align with the Alberta Kindergarten curriculum and are developed from research based practices.  With a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills via structured activities, we provide students with a strong foundation for developing greater independence, problem solving, confidence, as well as academic and social-emotional skills. We increase students confidence and prepare them for the first few years of schooling. Most importantly, we do all this while having fun!

Small Class Sizes and Structured Routines

It's simple, smaller class sizes and lower teacher/student ratios translate to better results!  Our students are better prepared for success in Kindergarten and beyond! 

With smaller group sizes and structured routines, our Teachers can focus on enhancing your child’s learning and self-confidence. 

Students build social-emotional skills and slowly gain confidence in a small classroom setting  before transitioning into formal schooling with larger class sizes. 

"Ahead of the Curve" Kindergarten Prep

Our unique curriculum uses learning outcomes from the Edmonton Public School's Kindergarten and Grade 1 curriculum and merges them with the best research-based methodologies and approaches from around the world. 

Our approach results in superior reading and writing skills – this is obvious when our children graduate to kindergarten and both teachers and parents report how far ahead our kids are, with some reading one, two, sometimes three grade levels ahead. 

Qualified and
Passionate Educators

By far the most important ingredient to your child's success are their Educators.  That's why we invest in finding the best qualified people who are passionate about Early Learning and provide them with the tools and resources required to do what they do best! 

Our staff are not focused on 'caregiver' duties, but rather on providing an unparalleled educational experience that follows a research-based program plan.  

Parents can feel confident in knowing that every student is guided along a proven road map to success by qualified and experienced educators.

The Pre-K years are an important time for children's literacy growth.  Children who are engaged in meaningful, knowledge- building experiences with print gain the foundational skills for becoming skilled readers and writers.

Improved Behavior When
Children Engage in Structured Learning

When your child learns through teacher-led structured routines and hands-on activites, they not only develop critical thinking skills, their behavior improves due to their active listening, sense of purpose, and participation. 

We encourage eager, happy children to make decisions, make mistakes, to follow instructions, and gain confidence.

Clean and
Safe Environment

Our facilities are kept clean and sanitized with all required maintenance kept up to date to ensure a safe and inviting enviornment for your child.  
Classrooms are under video surveillance.

All our teachers are first-aid and CPR certified. Our top priority is always safety first.

The COVID pandemic has inspired us to redesign our programming and remove shared supplies.  Each child receives their own supply kit which  includes games,  activities and manipulatives. This greatly reduces the risk of any communicable diseases spreading in the classroom.

Initial Assessment and Ongoing Progress Reports

Each  student receives an initial assessment using our proprietary assessment tool which incorporates key learning outcomes from the Kindergarten and Grade 1 Alberta Education Curriculum.  The information from this assessment is used to create a personalized plan for your child. 

By providing the skills necessary for your child to succeed in Kindergarten, you can feel confident that your chlild has the best start possibe.  

The initial assessent is followed up with multiple Progress Reports throughout the school year using the same tool so you can track their progress.

It’s Truly A Partnership
That Makes It Work

Exceptional care and education is a partnership: between parents, teachers and the children. We actively request continual feedback throughout the year, and formally through two annual surveys, two parent-teacher conferences, and regular progress reports.
Parents tell us often that the quality of the relationships they have at our school is what makes the difference.  


We are proud to be locally owned and operated. 

We have been recognized as a top rated preschool in Edmonton. 
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Requirements for Prep class:

Toilet Trained and 3 years old by December 31st of the program year.

Program year: 

September - June

Late registrants are accepted based on availability. 

Requirement for Scholars class:

Toilet Trained and 4 years old by December 31st of the program year. 

Program year:

September - June

Late registrants are accepted based on availability.

Toilet Trained and 3-6 years old when class begins

Prevent summer learning loss with weekly sessions:

July & August

Your child will be prepared for entrance exams that are required for specialty programs like the Cogito Program @ Edmonton Public Schools, or Chartered schools like Aurora.